Monday, February 13, 2012

Framed - Gavin Hurley, William Colenso. Iconography...or facelift?

This is Gavin Hurley's cover image from 'The Hungry Heart'. It is a beautifully done collage, ie cut pieces of paper assembled to create an image. I bought the collage from Gavin and now I have had it framed. It hangs on my office wall, to my immediate right. (It is about the size of an A4 page and very bright.)

I find the image encouraging. Colenso's stark stare looks past me, into a kind of future. His skin is actually very pink - much pinker than on the cover of the book and the neat cuts of paper round his eyes have the effect of a neat surgeon's work.

The curls in his hair and the fabric of his religious white tie are also textured. I am very fond of that one curl on his forehead, it seems slightly sensual - a kiss curl maybe.

The book continues to get warm responses from readers. I said to a friend the book 'has struck a nerve'. I get handwritten letters, cards, a nice warm banana loaf. Below is an 8-page critique of the book by Nicholas Reid - at points it is critical, but I guess the point is he has engaged with the book quite seriously, which is great.

Below it is a link to a review on Jim Mora's radio show with Vanda Symon.

Reid's Reader – A Blog of Book Reviews and Comment.: Something ...

So having Gavin Hurley's picture of Colenso on my wall is like having something encouraging looking over my present project.

Is it like an ikon I wonder? And is that what I - along with many other Colensophiles - have been doing? Creating a new image. (Or is it like a surgeon, going a cut here, a tweak here....a facelift for Colenso?)


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