Thursday, September 29, 2011

the promise

look at that shadow
streaming back

the protective clasp
lightly held

i curved my body into you
while you, my brother,
stood apart

i am mid-murmur
something confidential
or seditious

about that enigma
behind the camera


mum you turn your face to
better scrutinise 

the eye peering
through the glass
back at

what you had both created.

the fiction of
and the kids

this was the perfect holiday

we swam naked
and forgot
for one forever-summer
the family that we were

the days weren’t even
yet they stretched into the future
a prism we all held

happiness was credible
an option
we four, for whatever reason,

such strangers
to ourselves

time reduces
and fades

this photo holds
it still

the promise
as it fell 

the shadow streams on

hicks bay summer 1960.

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