Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dropping off the first proofs...

I dropped off the proof of 'The Hungry Heart' on Tuesday morning at the publishers. Most people's ideas of publishers come from 1940s films, wherein agents sip cocktails in smokey Manhattan restaurants while
bandying witty bon mots, ghostwritten by Joseph Mankoweitz Jnr. In fact most NZ publishers are in the depths of the suburbs. Publishers are prosaically where their warehouses are. Not very glamorous.

Nevertheless I felt a huge weight lift off me as I drove away. I know there is a lot of work to come with second proofs, an index etc etc but psychologically I felt free of a project which has kept me engaged since 2008.

I've been helped though. I was very touched when various people contacted me and offered me images,
after my last blog. I found the generosity amazing. The fact is I got out to my publishers in Glenfield through
a friend lending me her car for what would otherwise be an expensive taxi ride.

In a panic I contacted an acquaintance who sorted out the source of an obscure quote for me.

A friend helped me with a list of others.

This is by way of saying a project only comes to fruition through the help of a lot of people.

Thank you.


This is of course Cape Kidnappers. It is basically the view William Colenso had from his house on Napier Hill.
I have it on my screen at the moment.

I find it encourages me - its beautiful emptiness seems to evoke a future when I am at last free of this project (which
I know will never really leave me completely...)

I took the photo on a terrifically cold late afternoon. The surrounding mountain ranges were covered with snow.

I feel full of hope. Somehow the never ending sense of dread I felt when doing the footnotes has lifted.

Maybe I feel that the eternally vigilant school teacher is looking elsewhere at the moment....and I am free to play for a while...


  1. Congratulations, Peter. What an enormous amount of work. And I know that feeling of dread near the end of a book... how you can feel at times almost unhinged. Good luck with the rest of the process - as you say, it's not over yet. I am looking forward to your book.

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