Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time flies...

I decided to put this image on here just because I love it.

It comes from a headstone in the Napier Hill cemetery. It is a beautiful hand done piece of work. Whoever did this piece of work also did other highly individual headstones in the cemetery.

After a while you feel you have seen every angel and marble cross but an image like this, which is all about sand sliding through the glass, has elements of individual vision.

It was done in the 1880s here in Napier.

At the moment I feel conscious of time, as my editor looks at the book I have written and I await the verdict...

Meanwhile I am checking quotes and taking the odd walk which feels slightly wonderful...

A good friend of mine, a fellow writer, always says finishing a book is like getting over a sickness. You feel a bit weak and have to take things easy...


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