Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The old inevitable....

Many Christmases ago I adopted an abandoned cat. She was starving and distressed. This was Madameska who died a brief time ago.

Alas, this coming Christmas, a litter of kittens was born in Douglas’s mother - Barbara’s - shed.

I resisted utterly the siren call of another cat.

But inevitably fell victim to the old allure.

Abandonment at a season of ‘goodwill’/gluttony. An intelligent enquiring face. Obliteration by death.

She passed the audition with flying colours and is at present called Zelda.

Future names will evolve.


As Douglas says she is moving into what can only be described as a very spoilt existence.

It was her lucky day.

And hopefully mine.



  1. Aha, yes of course - Carole Channing, that can be her drag identity. She is already the first of the three kittens to purr. The difficult thing with a cat's (or dog's) name is its ease when calling - but yes, I can hear 'Carole Channing' especially when delivered in a high, slightly nasal - would it be Brooklyneseque - accent....
    Ta for the suggestion!
    Will try it on for fit...

  2. Oh all right Mr Picky.

    For ease of calling ...

    How about Ngaio?

    I M

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