Wednesday, July 7, 2010

good news travels...

It was last Friday we heard that the government was going to kick in $6 mill so that a new extension to the Hawke's Bay Museum and Gallery can be built.
It was a beautiful day.
The feeling in the room was fantastic and warm.
As it is with good news.
These snaps are of Douglas with his close pal, Mayor Barbara Arnott.
The other snap is of Chris Finlayson, minister of arts.
I like these snaps as the camera seems to catch the fleetingness of joy.
It was a good day. 
A long time in coming.


  1. I forgot to say something important. Douglas is the director of the Hawke's Bay Museum & Gallery. He's also my significant o.

  2. why does finlayson look like a prefect, is he trying to straighten the model or demonstrate it? Or is he struggling to get t grips with the 'creatives' beside him

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