Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Red is the colour....

I’m now back home in Napier after an exhausting six weeks trying to teach creative nonfiction at a summer writing school at the University of Waikato. Boy, do I value my aimless days now that I don’t have to turn up for classes. While in Hamilton, aka Hamilhole, aka Tron, the city of the future, a friend sent me these images of graves in the old Napier cemetery. 

The red is from an Australian gum tree. I love the intensity of the colour. The fact is whenever I return to Napier I go for a wander in the old cemetery. This is when I feel I am back home. I feel centred. Everything else appears transitory and noisesome. I try and reach peace. 

These photos were taken by Jenny Horne. She is the daughter of Eric Lee-Johnson and I think she shares his remarkable photographic eye. Thanks, Jenny.


  1. Fantastic colour, Peter, you're right, I love the orange- red of the Aussie gum. A friend of mine has a blue house beside one of these trees and the effect is marvellous. It's good to see you back and blogging.

  2. Thanks, Mary. I am only now climbing out of a trough of exhaustion...I know you teach so you are probably used to the peculiar highs and lows of the situation. I'm just settling back into my life, 'picking up the threads' as the saying goes...Mr Colenso is starting to call me again and after a month or so away, it's a pleasure heeding the call...so perhaps that is one of the positive side-effects of being elsewhere mentally...it all feels fresh again...and a challenge...

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